Science fiction. Epic fantasy. Cosmic horror.

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Dave Kavanaugh is an American author living in the Netherlands. His science fiction, fantasy, and

literary short fiction has appeared in magazines such as Nature and Andromeda Spaceways, as well as the StarShipSofa and NoSleep Podcasts.

He was recently a finalist in the Writers of the Future competition.

His fantasy serial 'Age of Omicron' (previously released on the StoryShop app) is still available for purchase in paperback and ebook.



Mythic monsters threaten the world. A history teacher is thrust into a war as old as time. Ancient heroes return from the dead, ready for action . . .


The Age of Omicron has begun.

This contemporary fantasy adventure serial from the StoryShop reading app is also available now on ebook or paperback!


"Science fiction writers, I am sorry to say, really do not know anything."

- Philip K. Dick


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